Rules & Regulations
Oakwood Cemeteries in Rochester Minnesota

While Oakwood Cemeteries recognizes the need for families and friends to decorate loved ones graves, we hope you will understand that in order to keep the grounds a place of natural beauty there must be rules established governing grave decorations.  With your cooperation, we can make the entire cemetery a beautiful memorial to those who are buried here as well as those who visit.  As a result of these underlying fundamental principles, the following regulations for decorating graves are in effect:

  • Fresh flower bouquets, plants and artificial floral arrangements in above ground plant stands are permitted throughout the year.  Please replace artificial arrangements as they become weathered or faded. Any vases, planters, pots or arrangements left on the ground may be removed at the discretion of the cemetery staff at any time.
  • Plantings are not allowed around any flat markers. If planting next to a monument please keep as close as possible to the foundation. The cemetery does not allow decorative mulch, rock or edging around markers or monuments or the planting of rose bushes.
  • Water spouts are available throughout the cemetery from May through mid October.
  • Ground level fresh flower bouquets and artificial arrangements are allowed between May 15 and June 15. These should be secure to the ground and must be removed by June 15. Cemetery staff will dispose of all remaining arrangements including pots and vases at this time.
  • In the fall we ask for your cooperation in cleaning around gravesites by cutting back annual flowers planted near monuments or in urns in plant stands. If possible, remove urns from stands and store inside to avoid damage that could occur during the winter months. Please remove any items you would like to keep by October 15 to allow cemetery staff time to complete fall clean up and prepare for the winter season.
  • During the winter months holiday wreaths on wreath stands and greenery placed in the plant stands may be displayed at the gravesite. Please secure wreaths to the stands and place the easel in the ground before the ground freezes if possible. Remember to remove all holiday or winter decorations before April 1 in order for the cemetery staff to complete spring clean up.
  • Shepherd hooks and plant stands not approved ahead of time will be removed by the cemetery staff. Any glass containers, ground decorations, mementos, toys, wooden crosses, bird houses, food, trinkets, materials hanging in the trees or shrubs, metal signs, stuffed toys, wind socks or any other such articles create multiple maintenance challenges and should be kept at home or may be removed by the cemetery staff.
  • Memory lamps, candles or incense are allowed only while you are here visiting and must be taken with you when you leave.
  • Please keep pets on leashes and under control at ALL times if they are brought into the cemetery. It is the owner’s responsibility to clean up after your pet.
  • We respectfully request other decorating ideas outside of these guidelines be discussed with the cemetery staff prior to display.