Oakwood Cemeteries in Rochester Minnesota


With a growing segment of the population preferring cremation and desiring a location to permanently inter urns, Oakwood Cemeteries offers solid granite, above-ground columbariums. These stunning 64-niche designs contribute to the beauty and prestige of the grounds.

Columbariums provide a permanent and public location where loved ones know urns will be respectfully held and protected and where any family members and friends can visit a final resting place.  We have recently added a new columbarium wall on the chapel lawn along with a new concrete walk way.

Each columbarium niche holds two cinerary urns, providing a permanent, public location for your loved ones’ remains. Chapel View columbariums provide an outdoor setting at the front of the beautifully restored George Healy Memorial Chapel. In addition, columbariums are placed inside the chapel for the more private setting some may prefer.

  • Cremation Niches* (Inside and outside the George Healy Chapel)
  • Burial Vaults for Cremation Urns
  • Cremation boulders and benches
  • Cremation Urns

* All Niche pricing includes: the niche, the bronze plaque with all names and date inscriptions, two weekday open/closing fees, funding of perpetual care and taxes. Niches are designed to hold the cremains of two people.

**10% discount offered to all veterans.